About Us

Creative Plastic Concepts (CPC) was founded to solve one simple problem: helping people bring their conceptual ideas and plastic products to market. Every year, thousands of ideas are created, but inventors and entrepreneurs have no place to turn to conceptualize, design, prototype, develop, manufacture and create vendor relationships.

Some invention submission corporations only want to buy your idea, and lock you out of the process from there. Other facilities will give you all the tools you need to create your idea, but won’t guide you through the creation process. Some may create a prototype, but how will you mass produce it or pitch it into the marketplace? Do you know how to fulfill your orders, or negotiate facility contracts?

Creative Plastic Concepts (CPC) is your complete solution to all of those answers: from refining your invention idea, to prototype, to mass production, to bringing it to the marketplace. Our team has decades of experience in injection mold plastic manufacturing, product design and product development – all with a deep understanding of how the process works and best practices for the industry. We understand what it takes to create a new product, and we’ll work alongside you to refine it for the marketplace.

As a leading, major manufacturer of injection mold plastics, CPC also as a distinct advantage in that we have developed a deep network of retail outlets that we work with on a daily basis. Instead of trying to navigate the procedure on your own, CPC will submit your product to our network on your behalf. Because we have the attention of major retail decision-makers, we can make sure your product gets in front of the right people – and ultimately on the store shelves where it belongs.

• The Home Depot
• Lowe’s
• Uline
• U.S. Plastic Corp.
• Sears/K-Mart

As your partner, we’re not interested in taking your idea. Instead, we’re interested in being your partner and your ultimate success. We want to help you create products that will not only sell, but ultimately become essential parts to everyday life for people around the world.

Trust CPC to be your complete partner throughout the invention life cycle!

Creative Plastic Concepts is the invention arm of Centrex Plastics – a leader in plastics products and plastic injection molding for over 80 years. Our facilities currently manufacture a number of leading products for retailers around the world, and are diverse enough to create nearly anything our inventors can imagine.

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