Our Process


Creative Plastic Concepts employs a six-point process to evaluating and creating an invention. From the initial idea submission, to manufacturing and deployment, our expert team works by your side to create a concept that works.



Every product ever made has come from an idea. Which is the first step in creating a product. Maybe it’s a lifehack that you’ve developed to make your life easier. Or perhaps it’s something that you’ve been working around in your head, that you could build if you had all the right pieces. Regardless of what it is, you need help in bringing it to life. That’s where Creative Plastic Concepts comes in.


Our extensive experience in bringing products to market has allowed us to hone our process into a detailed two stage process.

Stage One:
Stage one focuses on some of the more complex variables of manufacturing. These variables include idea complexity, manufacturing process, materials cost, and production quality.

Stage Two:
In stage two we analyze the pr demand of the product in a marketplace. We evaluate its strengths, weaknesses, growth potential and market competition.

As a result of this process, we’ll prepare your invention for the design phase: the first step in bringing your product from paper to production.


Once your idea has been analyzed and refined, we’ll start the design process. In design, we’ll work through the nuances of your concept: how it will look, how it will feel, and how your end user will interact with your creation. Our designers will work with your original concept pieces in order to prepare it for prototyping – the next step in bringing your idea to life.



The prototype phase allows us to test your product on multiple factors, in order to make sure that everything is working correctly from the ground up. Prototyping also allows us to improve upon the design, leading to a more complete product. We utilize many different prototyping processes for testing. The flexibility of prototyping offered by:

  • FDM (Fused Deposition Modeling)
  • Laser Scanning
  • FEA (Finite Element Analysis)
  • Mold Flow Analysis
  • 3D Printing
    • SLA Modeling
    • SLS Modeling

allows us to test the concept in real world environment for in-depth user experience.


Once a product is complete, it is ready to be manufactured and distributed to potential customers. At our best-in-class Sycamore Ohio location we make sure that your products are not only built, but also distributed on time. Creative Plastic Concepts takes the hassle out of the completion process – we make it, we pack it, we warehouse it, and finally, we ship it for you.

With a complete product, Creative Plastic Concepts is ready to sell your product, on your behalf, directly to the top retailers across the United States.


As one of the leading manufacturers of plastics in the United States, Creative Plastic Concepts has worked with many of the top retailers across the country and around  the world. Because of our track record of delivery of top quality goods at a great cost and on time, we have a very trusted name in the marketplace. This means that your concept has a better chance of making it to the shelves of the top stores from coast to coast.

After pitching your product, and successfully selling it to top retailers, we’ll go into full manufacturing mode: making and distributing your invention.


From the initial idea submission, to manufacturing and deployment, our expert team works by your side to create a concept that works.

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